The tree is one of the most common and iconic plants in the world, with many sub-species and different appearances

The number of different types of trees is estimated to be around 400,000.

Trees are an important part of a healthy ecosystem, providing food and shade for animals, erosion control, carbon sequestration, and more.

A tree is a plant with a trunk and branches. It is also one of the most common and earliest trees found on Earth.

Trees are one of the most common living organisms on Earth. They have been used for generations for their various uses, from food to furniture, and their growth has gradually spread to different parts of the world.

Trees are most commonly recognized as a keystone species because they host a wide range of animals and other lifeforms. However, many times trees are unrecognized as valuable sources of food, water, timber and fiber.

Tree Species: There are hundreds of tree species in the world ranging from conifers to flowering plants. Some trees can grow up to 200 feet tall while others can persist underground throughout their lives without any sprouts or leaves or even branches.